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The game revolves around Kim, a high school student who just moved to a small island. In order for Kim to return to the city he must get a scholarship that only a class representative can have. But his journey to be the class rep isn't easy. He has to pursue each of his classmates to get a vote.

The game is made by RPG Maker MV.

This is an adult game.

This is the full game. Please support. I need to eat. Please.



Buy Now$3.50 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.50 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Class Rep Windows.zip 177 MB

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Will it be avaliable for android someday ? ;-;


I don't have the raw files anymore. Sorry. But I'll be publishing games compatible with android in the future.

okay, i'll be looking foward to it

Anyone knows how to actually make this work on Mac? It just says no Permission to run the app.

I purchased the game.  But the copy I received says "Evaluation Copy".  What is up with that?

I have a problem. The herb that i obtain from the beach girl doesnt appear in my inv and i cannot continue the game. Anyone can help me?

it's fine. just proceed with the game

es sieht sehr gut aus schade das es nicht gratis ist da nicht jeder sich spiel kaufen kann vv

Which engine have you used for this game may i ask? So beautiful and i really liked it

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Is really short, but all the missions are realy ease. Good to be able to get it. Thank you.

Is there a walkthrough??


anyone gift me this art? yvy pleaseeee


Android version please

The full game  is so good but it too short story for me T^T

I like to do more thing with another man like a Doctor or Police

and Old man in Beach house(They're so hot)

will have any update soon sir?

However , this game so fun Thankyou!!

Hi there PurpleBear!

SoulsoftEA here, and thank you for your submission to BaraJam 2019 of "I Can't Wait to be a Class Rep"! 

We are always happy to have more bara content! This jam was created to raise awareness and help build more on an English bara game dev scene. We, and the jam, are very relaxed...however some concerns were expressed on the validity of your submission.

In the spirit of the jam, we allowed a pre-registration month (Sept) for people to hear about it, form teams, ideation and even development. Oct1st - Nov.30th, is work/jam time.

Projects already started before the jam pre-registration are still eligible, as long as dev work was done during the pre-reg period (and onwards) and said work is of a significant quality.

ie. A new Chapter added, new routes, updated sprites, GUI overhaul, new endings...etc.

"I Can't Wait to be a Class Rep" seems to have been finished and created years ago, and was also submitted to several other jams. Can you please let us know what additions were made during the jam period that can qualify your game?

Email me at soulsoftea@gmail.com

Thank you! =)

I just finished the full game. I scrapped the demo version.

Android version?


Yoo is this still in development or did the devs leave it? I definitely want more heh


The game is silly, but definitely "anime silly" and I think that was by design. This plays like a game that doesn't take itself TOO seriously because the idea is to titillate the player - not make them bang their head against the walls with puzzles. But there are a puzzles and challenges to get to the hot scenes.

This has to be the dumbest, yet best thing I've ever seen.